Memo GONZALEZ and The Bluescasters - 10.000 Miles

Memo Gonzalez

01. I Wanna Ask You Pretty Baby
02. Get Up, Jump Up 2nd Get Up, Jump Up   
03. Wanna Bee 3rd Want to Bee
04. Greyhound 4th Greyhound 
05. What Do You Do? 5th What Do You Do?  
06. She's Dynamite 6th She's Dynamite
07. Let's Burn 7th Let's Burn 
08. Louisiana Lover Man 8th Louisiana Lover Man
09. 10.000 Miles 9th 10000 Miles 
10. The Pressure Of The City 10th The Pressure Of The City 
11. The Love Of Money 11th The Love Of Money
12. Tell Me What's The Reason 12th Tell Me What's The Reason 
13. Shake It Baby 13th Shake It Baby
14. She's Leaving 14th She's Leaving 
15. I've Been Thinking 15th I've Been Thinking 
16. Wiggle Toes 16th Wiggle Toes

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