Sonny Boy Williamson - The Classic Sides (CD C)

Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller)
Nota - Este disco não possue nenhuma música contendo gaita, mas completa a coleção, para quem quizer avaliar a coleção em sua totalidade.

01. Take It Easy Baby
02. Little Car Blues
03. Everybody's Fishing
04. My Own Boogie
05. Feed My Body To The Fishes
06. Falling Rain
07. Vanity Dresser Boogie
08. Seventy Four Blues
09. 21 Minutes To Nine
10. Shady Lane Blues
11. Nelson Street Blues
12. V8 Ford
13. Shout Brother Shout
14. Way Back
15. Pretty Baby Blues
16. Sugar Mama
17. Hot Fish
18. Lost In Korea
19. Early In The Morning Baby
20. Strange Kind Of Feeling
21. Blues Disease
22. Don't Lay This Job On Me
23. Have You Heard About The Farmers Daughter
24. Too Old To Get Married
25. If You Don't Mean Business
26. Hey Miss Lula

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